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Pay it forward

VIP Entry Passes are possibly the most popular gift experience on the planet for Christmas, Birthdays, for someone graduating or getting their licence. It’s pretty awesome for the recipient of VIP Entry Passes to know that a donation was made in lieu of money being paid, as they are really a double gift aren’t they?

VIP Entry Passes are hugely popular for office Christmas parties and team building days. For bucks parties they are pretty the activity of choice. And of course hundreds of thousands of people just want to have some real fun and get away from their Facebook for a change.  

To put it simply, to not Pay this fundraising opportunity forward is to deny good causes in Australia and the United Kingdom the opportunity to raise a lot of funds. So do the kind and honourable thing and share love on social media.

So to put the hard word on you to share this about we will leave you with an quote from our good mate Voltaire. 

‘We are guilty of all the good we do not do”

So share and care!


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