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World's largest and kindest paintball company seeks media partners for long term relationship

Our dating profile page:

Australian owned paintball company with over 130 locations in Australia and growing

Age: 21 years.

Star sign: Taurus

Relationship Status: A single social enterprise company. No previous long term media relationships. 

Don't judge us but we have had a few one night stand TV appearances here and there with marketing partners like Coke, Vodafone, Walkers Crisps, daily deal sites and more.

Hobbies:  Creating social interactions between people in the real world ,country drives and weekends away.

Life purpose:  We think kinda differently. As we were growing up we always did our bit for good causes. 

Now that we have matured we believe in doing as much as we  possibly can for good causes. 

Authentication of life purpose: We are giving away all our VIP Entry Passes to play paintball for free.

This way people can donate as much money as they want to the good cause of their choice, or they can use this money to do an act of random kindness and if people can't afford to buy VIP Entry Passes they can keep the money.

 Can't do more than that really......... 

 Our history: 

 For over a decade we sold our VIP Entry Passes to play paintball at pop up stands throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. 

 In Australia, 8 VIP Entry Passes were sold for $80.

In the United Kingdom 8 VIP Entry Passes were sold for £50.

Many paintball companies still do this.

An estimated 2,000,000 sets of 8 VIP Entry Passes are sold every year.

Paintballs are NOT included.

75% of these 2,000,0000 sets of 8 VIP Entry Passes are purchased as gifts or for team building. 

So you can see that that we are very passionate about making the world a better place by offering 2,000,000 sets of 8 VIP Passes a year every year for free. You can do the maths there...

We are creating a new status quo. Every time someone wants paintball passes they can now come to us for the passes and give to a good cause.

It's give as you live.

It's compassionate capitalism.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?

We have created The Nice Bucket Challenge so we can raise funds on a global scale and challenge the world to make the world a better place.

The Nice Bucket Challenge Launches January 26, 2017

Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge trend, the Nice Bucket Challenge is going to be a permanent movement, 

How does the Nice Bucket Challenge work?

 1.People Challenge each other, up to three at a time, to do acts of kindness. (Instead of pouring buckets of ice water over their heads)

2.If they decline to be kind then they donate what they want to the good cause of their choice (Instead of one predetermined good cause).


We have also made kindness competitive for those seeking fame and fortune from being kind. Curious?

We will be having annual kindness awards in thousands of categories.

What could be better for anyone's reputation than winning?

To read more check out the Nice Bucket Challenge.

What are we looking for in potential media partners.

 GSOH:  We have no idea what we are doing when it comes to media.

 Qualities:  Would preferably be kind and gentle and authentically care about making the world a better place.

 Hobbies:  Preferably would be sociable, enjoy country drives and weekends away.

 Spirituality: Preferably would be more focused on why people do things not what they do..

Would have a real passion for doing good and letting their audience know about good deeds being done

Reliability. We have been hurt before so being reliable yet spontaneous is important. 

So, we want to start off slow and not jump into anything.

There are only 2 days until Christmas. In these two days many hundreds of thousands of people will got to shopping centers and purchase VIP Entry Passes, which include all equipment hire and even a free lunch at most locations.

People have 6 months to make a booking and must book a play date within 18 months of making a purchase. So there is no stress and no rush.

This frenzy of purchasing VIP Entry Passes will last until the middle of January 2017. From there on there is a steady flow of purchases, all waiting to go to good causes instead.

If you can let your audience know about this wonderful human interest/ fundraising/ changing the world story and get it out there, the next step would be a coffee or a drink so we can meet and get to know each other better.

We know we are asking a lot to try and get this story about Free VIP Entry Passes for fundraising out there in the next two days, and having read your profile we believe that magic can happen if we both step outside our comfort zones.

This paintball story will last forever and so will the Nice Bucket Challenge. We all know what a big media hit The Ice Bucket Challenge was......... 

We have never done a media pitch before, so if you like it please get back to me at media@ministryofpaintball.com or on 1800 646478.

If you think it sucks a bit, or if you think it sucks a lot, please get back to me with some help. I would gratefully appreciate it and so would the beneficiaries of all the money and kind acts.

Many millions can still be raised in a few days.




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