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                                                                 Why is playing paintball not only one of the

                                                               most fun experiences you can ever have and

                                                                           is now also one of the most

                                                                    charitable things you can ever do?     


                                                    Ministry of Paintball is seriously commited to developing

                                                what we believe to be the most charitable social enterprise

                                                                   company in the world, called..



                                                                                   Inspire Magic. 


                                                       We are commiting 75% of our profits to developing WOW!                                                      

                                             Why is WOW! going to be the most charitable company in the world?


                                                The central mission of WOW! is to challenge and change the

                                                   way think about what it means to be charitable because

                                                                the way we go about being charitable

                                                       is no where near as charitable as we believe it is.


                                                      The status quo of uncharitable thinking severly undermines the

                                                     passionate and purposeful work of the literally millions of good

                                                     causes around the world. Good causes who passionately and

                                                   purposefully take up their responsibility to make the world a better

                                                                  place by connecting beneficiaries to society.


                                                                             We believe, good causes are in

                                                                          the business of organised kindness.


                                                                      Unfortunately, certain myths surround the

                                                                      curious business of kindness and many of

                                                                      these myths have survived unchallenged

                                                                      and unrevisited for hundreds of years.

                                                                                      Maybe even longer!


                                                                    One thing is for sure, however long it is,

                                                                is more than long enough, because like all myths,

                                                                   they are completely and utterly irrational.





millions if not billions of people around

                                                      the world who have emotionally and financially invested the

                                                            estimated 3 million good causes across the globe.

                                                     much more.




You asked and we delivered.

For over a decade in both Australia and the United Kingdom we have supplied countless good causes, sports clubs, schools, community groups, you name it, with VIP Entry Passes to auction and raffle to raise much needed funds.

And the amount raised is nothing short of astonishing. 

So for anyone looking to raise funds VIP Entry Passes as a fundraising tool, all you have to do is fill in the info below and they will be in your inbox within seconds. Too easy!

And even better still, if you support a good cause, sporting club, school community group or any other positive endeavour and wish to grab some Free VIP Entry Passes, just fill in the info below and they are yours. If you wish to then donate an amount of money of your choice to the entity or individual you wish to support then you are free to do so.

 This innovation is all about giving good causes the opportunity to work smarter not harder to raise funds using MOP VIP Entry Passes.

 Every single booking made with Ministry of Paintball is a statement of support for good causes.

100% of the profit from every booking made will go to developing our new Social Enterprise business called WOW!

WOW stands for Why Over What.  It's Why we believe in the things we do that matters, over and above what we believe in.

The media goes on an all out assault from time to time against charitable organisations.

The media criticizes the percentage of the money raised which is goes to the cause. It ignores the importance of the absoloute amount of money which goes to the cause that feeds mouths and provides shelter and support. 99% of $10 is going to feed a lot less people than 70% of $1,000 isn't it?

And apparently people who chose to have jobs which help the greater good are meant to be punished for having job satisfaction by earning low wages. People who are only in it for the money and themselves can earn as much they like.

And these narratives pushed out by the media do immense damage to peoples perceptions of charitable organisations. The War on Charity plays and preys on the fact that people are easily "offended" by anything, act instinctively to negativity and as a result don't stop to think for themselves.

And who does these incorrect narratives hurt the most?   The beneficiaries.

So WOW! is about taking on the media and correcting the wrongs of the media toward those trying to do good.

We are about getting the trust back in charitable organisations with a society which has soaked up all the anti charity bullshit and donates accordingly.

Lies and misleading irrational behaviour costs our culture a Kings ransom.

This is why we must  WOW!


We give you a whole new choice.

You can pay big money at shopping centres anywhere for VIP Passes at pop up stalls in shopping centers eveywhere where none of the money from your booking goes to help your organisation in the fight against media misinformation.

Or you can get them for free from us and have 100% of the profits from each booking go toward stopping the media War on Charity.

There is only one logical answer isn't there?


Every good cause can only run so many auctions and raffles every year and many organisations don’t have the rescources to run them at all. This is exactly why we created the Kindness and Honour Fundraising Model which you will find on our Get Passes page.

All VIP Entry Passes requested before the end of 2017 are valid for a bonus 3 months before they have to be booked, making booking validity 6 months in total. There is then 12 months after this in which time play must occur.

Happy Fundraising and Pay it Forward

A couple of things that we want to make sure you are clear about:

  1. Exactly what are you making available as a fundraiser? See What's Included.
  2. For those who are support your organisation at auctions, raffles, your online promotions or other innovative method, our Terms and Conditions will apply.

By proceeding with your order you are agreeing with these!

Grab your VIP Entry passes for fundraising.

Should you like to work closely with us and have even more access to more VIP passes for fundraising,  Contact us.

Pay it Forward by letting other organisations know about this proven form of fundrasing that's been around for over a decade. Share the love!


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