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You asked and we delivered.

This innovation is all about giving good causes the opportunity to work smarter not harder to raise funds using MOP VIP Entry Passes.

There is still the option for Good Causes to get digital MOP VIP Entry Passes to auction, raffle and much more. Gone are the  days where you have to send in a request for Passes. You can order them online below at your leisure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they will be in your inbox within seconds.

You will see VIP Entry Passes being sold at shopping centres throught Australia and the United Kingdom year round. This is testimony to the constant demand for them year round. We should know, we used to sell them this way before we decided to to the most we could do and make 100% of our VIP Entry Passes available for fundraising.

The kindest and most honourable thing you can do is to make sure that every good cause in Australia and The United Kingdom is aware of this opportunity, because if good cause is holding an auction or a raffle, why not make as many VIP Entry Passes  available wish to raise more funds?

We used to sell 8 VIP Entry Passes in Australia for $80 and in the United Kingdom 8 for £49.

Many paintball companies still do, just in case you get confused if you see them at shopping centres if you are out and about. That's not us.

Every good cause can only run so many auctions and raffles every year and many good causes don’t have the rescources to run them at all. This is exactly why we created the Kindness and Honour Fundraising Model which you will find on our Get Passes page.

All VIP Entry Passes requested before the end of 2016 are valid for a bonus 3 months before they have to be booked, making booking validity 6 months in total. There is then 12 months after this in which time play must occur.

Happy Fundraising and Pay it Forward

A couple of things that we want to make sure you are clear about:

  1. Exactly what are you making available as a fundraiser? See What's Included.
  2. For those who are support your good cause at auctions, raffles, your online promotions or other innovative method, our Terms and Conditions will apply.

By proceeding with your order you are agreeing with these!

Grab your VIP Entry passes for fundraising.

Should you like to work closely with us and have even more access to more VIP passes for fundraising,  Contact us.

Pay it Forward by letting other good causes know about this proven form of fundrasing that's been around for over a decade. Share the love!


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