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An opportunity to help your favourite good causes, your local community fundraisers and all the causes good as a collective. Have you ever had a chance to do something like this before?

When you volunteer to help us spread the word about this brilliant fundraising opportunity you are volunteering for every good cause in Australia and the United Kingdom at the same time. You can of course focus your efforts on fundraising for your favourite good cause and we hope you feel very welcome to do so.

We have made fundraising so easy it’s ridiculous. The millions of people who want to buy VIP Entry Passes will love receiving an email, seeing on their social media or hearing around the water cooler and maybe even reading a message in a bottle that they now have a choice to donate as much as they want directly to their favourite good cause instead. If they so wish.

There is no selling, no guilt, it’s just a matter of spreading the word full tilt. Then it’s up to people to make their own choices. It’s about helping people get the gift they might have had to do without getting and that makes for a very Merry Christmas for all no doubt.

Our aim and ambition is to ensure that every good cause in Australia and the United Kingdom from the biggest to the smallest become aware of this fundraising opportunity.

We really want to focus a lot of attention on getting the message out to the millions of small local community fundraisers. The school fetes, the local amateur sporting clubs, the local church and anything local that gives straight back to the community.  

As a volunteer we simply need you to spread the word however best suits you.

Why is spreading the word so important.

It’s a matter of maths, it’s a numbers game.

There are hundreds of thousands if not over an estimated two million people in Australia and the United Kingdom who will pay for VIP Entry Passes. At shopping centres in Australia over $80 for 8 VIP Entry Passes and £49 in the United Kingdom.

They will be bought as Christmas and birthday gifts.  For office Christmas parties and teambuilding days. For Bucks and Stag parties, for reunion rematches as well as an emerging new phenomenon. The family gatherings. Yep, this new market has emerged on it’s own and we think it’s great. Family bonding.  Who wouldn’t like to splatter their kids with paint for all the “challenges’ they brought their parents over the years??   It is an awesome and memorable day out which creates legendary stories to be shared over the ages and of course on Facebook pages!!”

Unless however all those people who would pay are aware that there is a new and charitable way to get VIP Entry Passes, where everyone wins, opportunities to help good causes will be forgone. Especially at Christmas.

Now we have made the rather bold statement that we believe in thinking differently. We do.  We are giving good causes a chance to become volunteers for the greater good. Good causes owe it to their fellow people of purpose, prosperity, kindness and honour to share this opportunity with each other. Fast. Every good cause that registers as a Volunteer For The Greater Good will get a free listing on our Greater Good page which we will soon be releasing. Even better still this listing will be in the chronological order in which good causes register so the innovative good causes will be there at the top. They will be Greater and Good.

So to become a volunteer, just like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and whatever it is you do on Instagram.  Send us an email to volunteer@ministryofpaintball.com. And when we have our Official digital Volunteer Badge we will send it to you for your  CV.

There will be a prize for the most innovative volunteers with creative ideas that we can see come to light as creative actions.

As it is for the millions and millions of volunteers in Australia and the United Kingdom, the greatest thing you will get is the feel good factor that comes with being kind and honourable.

 Now when it comes to jobs and careers, we are still working out what we can afford, the skills we need and all the rest.

Please don’t stop that you from sending in a CV as we have a habit of creating great positions for great people. No matter what the position the qualifying procedure is for us to find out why people would want to work with us? No passionate purpose, no passing go.

If you have had a chance to read the admittedly lengthy Social Innovations 1,2&3, which doubles as our About Us page, you will know that the decsision to have to choose between purpose and prosperity is something we wish to bring to an end. Changing the world and making it a better place has to be a top priority for the human race.

But forcing good causes and the not for profit sector to pay very little in order to keep their overhead down has to be the most ass backward displat of what is impoertan to us and what our priorities are. Our sentiments in this area are best expressed by the legendary John McEnroe, the former number one tennis player in the world.  "You cannot be serious!!"     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0hK1wyrrAU

So get those CV’s sent to jobsandcareers@ministryofpaintball.com. Sure, let us know about your skillset, your ambitions and yourself. But please be assured that without a good sense of why you do what you want to do there will be no WOW factor for us.

“A keen understanding of Why Over What is the key to WOW people.” David Ross MD MOP

 If you are a company or organisation who would like to get a more involved because you like what you are feeling here just email us at  getinvolved@ministryofpaintball.com





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