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All about Ministry of Paintball

We are an Australian owned international paintball company which has helped good causes from the largest global charities to the smallest community fundraisers. We have helped them all to successfully raise an enormous amount of funds in Australia and the United Kingdom over the last decade.         

We have always “done our bit” for good causes to help them fundraise by donating VIP Entry Passes to auction and raffle and much more.  

Then, three years ago we asked ourselves a big question. 

 What is the most we could possibly do to empower the causes good?... What is the most we could possibly do to empower the causes good?

Could we do something truly inspiring for the people and organisations who do so much, with such great passion and purpose, to make the world a better place? 

Three years later, we have a three step plan to achieve our goals. Better still, we have a dream.



Our dream is to shine the spotlight on what is bright and make good causes the rock stars of the future. Not the buskers society forces them to be today.

We believe in maximising the current fundraising potential of VIP Entry Passes.

We believe in creating new fundraising potential on a much greater scale.

We believe in doing away with the many counterproductive double standards which society imposes on the not for profit sector which holds them back from doing the most they could possibly do.

We believe you can’t change the world with thinking that serves to reinforce the status quo. A new perspective is needed as the one that too many people mistakenly hold on to currently, has gone unchallenged and unchanged for long enough.

So we have to pulled out the big guns in order recreate ourselves in a way which better reflects our beliefs and will make achieving our big dream possible.

Ministry of Paintball 2.0  has become a Social Enterprise

Ministry of Paintball 2.0 have become Social Innovators

Ministry of Paintball 2.0  have become Social Activists

A few definitions might be prudent to ensure that we are all on the same page.

Social Innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals.

Social Enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well being.

Social Activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about a social change.

Our novel solution to the social problem of those who do good being under resourced.

Breaking News

Social Innovation 1 has just gone live on the internet and it’s taken off in a massive way. Our dream just took one giant leap towards becoming a reality. 

Social Innovation 1

The Kindness And Honour Fundraising Model

Easier and faster risk free fundraising for all.

Check it out

We have worked with good causes for a long time and have had plenty of interesting chats about the challenges they face and the great work they do to connect beneficiaries to society in the interests of the greater good.

Obviously fundraising and gaining rescources with which to tackle the many challenges good causes take on is a big issue. And fair enough. Good causes are often chastised for not solving world hunger, not slowing climate change and not finding a cure for cancer. This is not fair enough. It’s like expecting someone to stop a charging rhino with a twig.

So we were inspired to come up with a Kindness and Honour fundraising model that works online so we could expand the concept both in scope and scale around the world. Many people said that it would not work because people are neither kind nor honourable, which is a bit harsh.

Our response to this scepticism was the say that the very existence of good causes serves to remind us that kindness and honour not only prevails in abundance but the constant emergence of new good causes on daily basis proves that kindness and honour inspires even more kindness and honour.

Kindness :  The quality of being friendly generous and considerate. 

Honour:   The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.

Good causes start with a kind and honourable intention which becomes an kind and honourable action. People who share in a vision for a cause donate money and time and often sacrifice prosperity in order to fulfil a sense of purpose in order for kindness and honour towards a cause to become a habit.  Such kind and honourable habits are what makes real and meaningful change in the world.

“Our habits determine our habitat” David Ross, Managing Director Ministry of Paintball.

Social Innovation 2 is about creating kind and honourable habits on a massive scale with a goal to 

Weave doing good into the fabric of our daily actions so that good causes don’t have to ask for funds. Funds will come to them.

Dream Big Be Unrealsitic is tattooed on David Beckhams hand. It worked for him so we are going to take a shot at achieving big unrealistic goals. We believe that If your goals don’t scare you or if people don’t laugh at them it’s probably a good sign that they are not big enough.

Social innovation 3: One day we were visiting one of the largest charities in the UK at their London office and while we were waiting in reception we took the opportunity to read some of the daily papers provided. This charity was front page news on every paper and it wasn’t good. They were getting their arses kicked over the “excessive” salary of their Managing Director and the “irresponsible” way that they were using their funds on fundraising ideas that were not tried and tested.

The headlines of course came up in the meeting and the person we were seeing was visibly frustrated and said that good causes commonly get their arses kicked when they “step out of line.”  

Worse still we were not impressed by their behaviour. Yes, worse still.

So we got back to the office and started researching charity guidelines in an effort to understand this arse kicking which happens not only in the headlines but in the pub as a topic of conversation.

To make a very long story mercifully short we stumbled upon this article from Time magazine which talked about a Yale University study. “When doing good is bad”  It’s short article that was to set us on a massive path of research as our curiosity was now very much aroused. Please take a minute to read it if you would be so kind.

This lead us to a mindblowing TED Talk by Dan Pallotta, "The way we think about charity is dead wrong".   It’s 18 minutes in duration and is worth every second. Thousands of articles and three years later we are on a path to become social activists who challenge and change the status quo of thought on how we view and review good causes by offering a new perpective.

To think that Charity Navigator, one of if not the biggest charity guide in the USA took years to rescind their view on the overhead myth is alarming in the damaged that may have been caused over the years. But better late than never and they should not be any less able to help to fix the issue because they once reinforced it. Such treatment of Charity Navigator would be unkind and dishonourable.

So we thought, if we were unaware of our unchallenged thinking toward good causes how many people would be in the same counterintuitive position that is highly counterproductive for good causes?

Then we thought, if a tyre company called Michellin can create a world recognised standard for fine dining, what is to stop a paintball company called Ministry of Paintball creating a world recognised standard, a magna carta if you will, for how we view and review the causes good that focusses more on all the good they cause?

Until we standardise “the rules” for good causes they will all too often continue to be called out for doing things which and unforgiving society deem “bad” when they are in fact doing good. How much would it suck to be in that situation?? It would be like helping a little old lady to cross the street safely and being accused of sizing her up to steal her handbag and being publically shamed for it despite your kind intentions.

It’s been this way for hundreds of years and we have decided that hundreds of years is long enough.

It’s time to shine the light on what is bright and so we will be self funding this activism from 50% of the profits we make from Social innovations One and Two.

In order to get good causes out of a vicious circle we must created cycle of kindness and honour and by George we are getting there.

With Social innovation one kicking off brilliantly our big unrealistic dream is not looking so big or so unrealistic anymore.

Exciting times!!  Share them with us and share what we are doing with everyone you know.

If you would like to see something brilliant that puts everything we are doing into perspective. Just watch this?

The Pale Blue Dot....   

What's the end game?     

Imagine living in a world that feels like this...  

Maybe our biggest challenge is that our current level of curiosity about challenging the status quo looks like this.... 

Have a good day.


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