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Ministry of Paintball has changed because things need to change.

We have helped good causes raise an astonishing amount of money over the last decade and we have developed a way to help them raise vastly more funds for the passionate and purposeful work they do for so many deserving beneficiaries.

You can see how we do this on our Good Causes page.

It's a whole new world of fundraising opportunities so please share the news with the many hundreds of thousands of good causes who need more funds for the great work they do.

 The many good causes out there in the world have inspired us to not only do our best to make fund raising as easy as possible.

But there is something even bigger at play here.

We are also to leading the charge to take on the media on behalf of good causes.


We want to go into bat for those who do so much good and help them fight against the media who fill peoples heads with some very uncharitable, certainly counter intuative and horribly destructive myths about what constitutes charitable behaviour and how the causes good go about doing good.

It's just appalling.

To find out check out our Get Passes page and support the media propaganda War Against Charity.

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