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Ministry of Paintball has changed.

We will always love giving people the opportunity to get out in the real world with friends, family and colleagues for a day of fun.

It's an adrenaline packed day out that simply can't be replicated online. It does provide great ammunition for sharing pictures and videos on social media, which everyone Likes.

So what has changed?

Ministry of Paintball has become a Social Enterprise Company.

What does this mean?

From now on 75% of our profits will go to creating WOW!

That sounds like business as usual but it's not.

WOW! is about having less WOE in the world.

WOW! stands for Why over What and WOE stands for the War on Everything.

WOW! is about inspiring curiosity and WOE is the result of being judgemental.


There are many challenges our global culture faces which WOW! is making our mission to overcome.

The first chalenge we are taking on is the War on Charity.

What War on Charity?

The silent war by the media to undermine charitable organisations.

The misleading illogical, irrational and counter productive views on what constitutes charitable behaviour is causing the vast majority of people to look at charitable organisations and individuals completely back to front.

And who suffers. The very people that charitable organisations and people seek to help.

We simply can't stand by and see this continue to happen can we?

WOW! is also a Social Enterprise Company and 50% of our profits will go toward a range of good causes as chosen by you.

Is your curiosity aroused?

If so, please join our mailing list to learn more because there's lot's of WOW! moments in store.

This is a global endeavour and we have endless opportunities for companies and individuals to Sponsor us.

How much you which to sponsor us will determine how high you will be in the Sponsorship rankings. Simple.

So grab some free VIP Entry Passes or pay what you want and sponsor WOW!.

If you really want to help the greater good then help us make people aware of the media War on Charities, why it happens, how it works and what can be done about it.

It's going to blow your mind to see how the media is creating an uncharitable culture, which is most unkind.

Have Fun and Pay It Forward.

A quick bit of important product knowledge about your VIP Entry Passes.

What is a VIP Entry Pass and exactly what are you getting?

See our Terms and Conditions and What's Included. Please note that by proceeding with your order you are agreeing to these!

Grab your VIP Entry Passes now!

And sponsor us to spread the message about the uncharitable media War on Charities by paying what you want in the Pay What You Want box below

We believe you should have fun doing good. Our passes provide entry, equiptment, lunch (where provided) and free gas refills.

Just pledge to donate to a good cause or pay what you want. Simple.



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